Hermosa Beach

Youth Music


After School Band & Chorus Programs at Valley School

Because kids LOSE stuff !   Invest in the BEST personalized labels you can put on your kids' clothes, backpacks, lunch sacks, sweatshirts and instrument cases. They are virtually indestructible  --  dishwasher, microwave & laundry safe !    HBYM gets 20% back with Mabel's Labels  Please make sure to select fundraiser for HERMOSA BEACH YOUTH MUSIC. 

Recycle your cans and water/juice bottles at Hermosa View and Valley School.  We have raised over $10,000 to buy instruments for our band program with recycling money.  It's easy- just drop your cans and water /juice bottles in the BLUE recycling bins at our schools.  Be environmentally conscious and HELP KEEP THE MUSIC PLAYING FOR OUR KIDS!